Develop your mediumship

    Monday, July 30 to Friday, AUGUST 5

    $ price will be announced (10 hour workshop)

    Harrison D Barrett Spiritualist Church
    304 Hancock St, Suite 1C
    Bangor, ME 04401

    Secretary: Betty Simpson (207)-848-2273

    The week will allow all participants to find a better understanding of how to use their clear senses to enhance spirit communication. We focus on strengthening the communication between the worlds and get a deeper understanding of the ways of spirits communication. Learn how to: – control and protect your self during the communication – get more and deeper messages from spirit – start to help people with your intuition and the connection with the collective consciousness – make Spirit communication more vivid and individual – get more solid proves for the hereafter – become stronger and more confident in your mediumship and with your clear senses – learn how to structure spirit communication Develop yourself in order to be a clearer channel for the spirit world!

    Seminare & Workshops
    30. 07. 2018
    Mediumship for everyone

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