About me

Birthdate: 22.12.80
Nationality: Switzerland/Spain
Main base: Switzerland



My fascination with the “invisible world” goes back to my early childhood. I’ve always had an innate sense that there is much more to this universe than what is seen by the human eye. As a young teenager, I fed this fascination by reading tons of books on spirituality, spriritual healing, and mediumship.

It took me a long time to discover that there had been several generations of healers/mediums in my family, afterall, my family upbringing had been more atheistic in nature. It was first after the death of a Spanish familimember that I developed a close relationshiop with my uncle, who shared his life story with me – and that of his father’s as well. My grandfather had an innate sixth sense, which he first really recognized during the Spanish civil war. He could intuitively sense when it was necessary to move his troops to another place in order to avoid danger. Unfortunately, he never had the opportunity to further develop these skills in another setting which could have deepened his abilities. My uncle was able to take his skills to the next level. He immersed himself into learning about spiritual healing methods and mediumship which eventually brought him into the position of being the village healer where he lived. Amoung many gifts he was able to share was the ability to help locate missing people by sharing information on their exact whereabouts.

At the age of 16 I started working energetically through “laying on of hands” and helping those close to me. My uncle helped me learn how to work with, and direct energy for healing purposes.

This discovery about my heritage made it clear to me that spiritual work was what I wanted to do.

The desire and importance I place on doing this work became very clear to me early on. In my early twenties, I completed an intensive multi-year education as a medium (messages from beyond) I attended various schools in Switzerland. From there I was able to take my first jump into the realm of working as a medium on an international level.

Today I work in Bern as a full time medium and pass on my knowledge to others through workshops and seminars on various subjects. The work that I do constantly expands my world through encounters with different ideas and cultures. The more experiences that we have the wider our spectrum becomes.

Sue Dhaibi