Energy Body Work

By the age of 16, my work with spiritual healing as a holistic therapy had already developed into an intense endeavor, and I began to have the ability to help people on their path of suffering - bringing about positive changes through energy work.

Energy Body Work
with Sue Dhaibi
Duration: 30-45min
Wabern, Kammlach, Telefon oder Skype, Schweiz
Price by request

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Flow of the session

Through spiritual healing, energetic blockages can be released in order to restore a sense of harmony between body and mind, supporting the healing process. Through trance techniques, and in combination with the help of the spirit world, you will receive a concentrated and unique “package” to support your healing processes.

What you can expect

The success of these sessions is always dependent upon various factors. After the first session, however, you should get a good sense of whether or not you need further sessions. These sessions are no substitute for a visit to the doctor and there is no guarantee of a “cure”. If you are under medical treatment, it is advised that you do keep going on with the sessions to support your healing process. In such cases, energy work can be useful as a supplement to therapy. During these sessions, intuitive information and messages can also be transmitted, which can have a clarifying effect.

Session types

Classic spiritual healing / Chakra balancing / Aura cleansing / Trance healing

You have the option of booking “live” sessions in Wabern, Switzerland or via remote healing.




  • Preparation

    Essentially, there is no need for any special preparation for energy work.

  • Languages

    If you wish, i can speak english or spanish during the session

  • Duration

    The duration varies depending on  the effort, from 15 – 45 minutes

  • Appointments / cancellations

    Please send us an appointment request using the given form. We will provide you with options for an appointment via email or telephone. As soon as an appointment is made, we will send you an appointment confirmation via text message.
    Cancellations are only accepted if they are received at least 48 hours before the agreed upon appointment. The cancellation must always be in writing, via text message or email. The cancellation is only considered valid without charge upon confirmation from both sides.

  • Costs

    15 Min 50.– CHF
    30 Min 90.– CHF

  • Location Wabern / Bern

    Sue Dhaibi
    Gurtenbrauerei 27
    3084 Wabern, Switzerland

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