Private readings / Messages from beyond

As a mental Medium I don‘t use any tools while working and I don’t loose consciousness. I use my mind to focus on you and the spirit world. My work is to create a bridge between this world and the spirit world. Please don’t tell me anything in advance about the subjects you would like me to speak about nor the people with whom you would like contact. It is the business of the Medium to get this information.


What can you expect?

Every sitting is as individual as we are. Usually I start the reading by contacting the Spirit World, and those who have passed into it. (I also can get information without having a specific contact in the Spirit World.) Then the message they may bring follows. There are different themes which we/they might speak about:

  • Advice about your current problems (partnership, job, family etc)
  • Evidence of survival after death/ Support during the mourning process
  • Locate the personal position

Please note that the Spirit World decides who will come and which information is meant for You. Same thing with the people in spirit, they decide if and when they will come. So don’t be afraid that you could disturb their peace.



It requires no special preparation for a session. If you like, you can get in touch with your loved ones from spirit world in the form of thoughts, so you can ask them to come to the session. You can also consider which subjects are most important at the moment in your life and make some notes. You can take these notes to the session; however, keep them for yourself.


Bookings for private sittings:

A sitting takes 1 hour and will be recorded on tape or CD. Please contact me by phone or email.
I can give the readings in English, German and Spanish.


Price for readings depend on the location. For more contact the office.