Spiritual Healing

During intuitive energy work (Spiritual healing, laying on of hands) my goal is to dissolve energy blockages and restore harmony of body and spirit. The flow of positive energy in a healing session can be very effective in supporting the healing process. Depending on the inspiration I receive, this work can be accomplished both with or without direct physical contact (laying on of hands).


What can you expect?

The success of spiritual healing sessions depend on various factors. In general, it takes several sessions until a positive change is noticeable. However, there is no guarantee that one will be healed. Healing sessions are in no way a replacement for conventional medical treatment. If you are in therapy or receiving medical treatment, these treatments should absoloutely be continued as prescribed by your doctor. The energy work (spiritual healing) that I offer can be useful in such cases as a complementary therapy.

Because of my work as a medium, it is also possible that I will receive intuitive information and/or messages during the session which can have a positive and clarifying effect on the healing process.



Duration / preparation:

A session generally lasts between 15 – 60 minutes. At the first session, one should expect 45-60 minutes, but these times will vary depending on particular needs of the client.

There is no special preparation needed for receiving intuitive energy work.

Price for appointements in Bern (CH), outside of Bern please go to “Events” on the navigation:

60 Min – 120.– CHF