The International Spiritualist Federation’s Educational Congress

The next annual educational Congress of The International Spiritualist Federation will be held in the United States at Stony Point Center located about 35 miles northwest of New York City. Whether you are an experienced practicing medium or healer, or if you are just starting to explore these areas, this is a wonderful opportunity to share, learn and socialize together.

The ISF event is a full week program of tutoring, offering classes in
mental mediumship, trance mediumship, healing and physical mediumship (subject to the right conditions) as well as classes on trance healing, spirit art and shamanic journeying. There are also workshops being planned as well as demonstrations of mental mediumship in the evenings.

The ISF will have the pleasure of Mavis Pitilla from the United Kingdom offering her expertise in teaching mental mediumship and a Demonstration of Mediumship on Wednesday Evening. Sharon Siubis from the Inner Spiritual Center, Fairfield NJ will also be offering her expertise in teaching and on Thursday she will be presenting a Demonstration of Mediumship as well. The program is taking shape and the ISF is looking forward to presenting it to you!

For planning purposes, note that all fees are all-inclusive: room,
meals, snacks. classes, workshops and special events. It is recommended that you consider coming to the event on Saturday, August 11th as the Biennial Membership Meeting will begin Sunday at 10AM. Registration for the week begins Sunday at 2:00PM. Fees for the week are listed below.

7 nights, double occupancy: GBP 600 – (approximately $786.00)
7 nights, single occupancy: GBP 750 – (approximately $983.00)
6 nights, double occupancy: GBP 500 – (approximately $655.00)
6 nights, single occupancy: GBP 650 – (approximately $852.00)
Subject to the exchange rate of GBP to other currency at the time of the

For more information please go the the International Spiritualist Federation website –


The Stony Point Center
17 Cricketown Rd, Stony Point 10980
New York
12. 08. 2018
Meet spiritualists from all over the world!

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