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For over 20 years I have devoted myself to the subject of mediumship. The gift of being able to foresee the future and establish connections with the afterlife has been passed down in in my family since generations.

Bern / Kammlach / Karlsruhe / Telefon / Skype

You can make an appointment by contacting my secretary.

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I give private sessions for individuals in my own very authentic and modern way. As a medium, clairvoyant and psychic, I can convey messages and assist you with various themes and aspects of your life. In medium sessions, I create a bridge for you to your contacts in the afterlife and convey the messages from the spirit world to you. You, as my counterpart, should be open to new perspectives and ready for your own personal development. Since one of my strengths is receiving divinatory messages, companies often use my services to get answers and find solutions for a wide variety of topics and projects.

You have the option to book different types of consultations. You can find more information in the three sections below.

Divination / Looking into the future

If you feel that you could use some help from «Above», then I'll be there for you to connect to that.

Messages from beyond / Medium session

The moment in which we realize that we can reconnect to what was once believed to be lost, holds an incredible healing power. Contact with the afterlife grants you, among other things, the answer to the question "Is there life after death?". Furthermore, these connections can shine a light to illuminate your path.

Spiritual healing

Durch diese dem jeweiligen Menschen ganz individuell angepasste Behandlung, können energetische Blockaden positiv beeinflusst und Heilungsprozesse unterstützt werden.

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Wabern CH


Gurtenbrauerei 27
3084 Wabern

Skype or telephone

For a variety of reasons, a private session cannot always be realized, that's why I also offer you private sessions via Skype and telephone.


Kammlach, Bavaria


Wideregg 10
87754 Kammlach, Germany

Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg


Waldstraße 71 - 73
76133 Karlsruhe DE


24. + 25.06.23 “Telepathie – Der nächste Schritt der Evolution”

Trainiere in vielen unterschiedlichen Übungen das «Gedankenlesen» und das Übermitteln und Empfangen von Impulsen über die Astral-Ebene.

01. + 02.07.23 „Dein Spirit Team – Die magischen Helfer ONLINE“

Entdecke an diesem Wochenende dein Geistiges Team und nutze seine Einsichten über dich und dein Leben.

08. + 09.07.23 “Medialität – Pro Level 3 ONLINE”

Trainiere deinen Kontakt ins Jenseits auf einem hohen Level und verfeinere die Übermittlung der Botschaften der Geistigen Welt.