Psychic Reading

If you feel that you could use some help from «Above», then I'll be there for you to connect to that.

Psychic Reading
with Sue Dhaibi
Duration: 30min / 55min
Wabern, CHF Skype/Phone/Zoom
Fee 150.-- / 280.-- CHF

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Privatsitzugen sind bis März 2021 ausgebucht. Es empfiehlt sich, bereits jetzt einen Termin für 2021 zu sichern! Falls früher ein Sitzungstermin benötigt wird, können wir Dich auf die Warteliste für  nehmen oder einen Termin bei einem unserer Gastmedien anbieten.


During the session, also known as clairvoyance, I can give you a glimpse into your own future and provide you with help for current problems, processes and transformations.

Life support

Get life support for current problems for
Partnership, profession, finances, issues concerning family structures, residential/home situation, family planning, your calling or potential, etc.

Imperative regarding divination/looking into the future

Current situation / life coaching / visions for the future

Snapshot of the current situation with an overview of different aspects regarding your own potential for the future. Gain insight into what your immediate future may look like. Obtain advice on how to plan for the upcoming stages of development in your life, and how to use the time window efficiently and influence it positively.

Important about future visions

The future is not set in stone (peering into the future is not an exact science)! It is therefore important that you are aware that the so-called time windows that I see can also change. I also want you to understand that I cannot always see everything that happens in your life. This is because we are not always destined to be able to foresee everything. Life is about experiences and learning processes which should be lived through and which cannot always be prevented. Glimpses of future events may come through during the sessions, but ultimately you are always responsible for the personal choices you make in your life.

Please do not provide any information in advance!

It is crucial that you do not tell me about your life situation in advance, so that I can approach the session in a completely neutral and unbiased way.

  • Preparation

    Essentially, there is no need for you to “prep” yourself before a session.
    If you feel the need, you can begin to think about which topics are currently the most important in your life and write down some points and/or questions about them. You can take these notes with you to the session, but please keep them to yourself.


  • If it doesn't work out or you feel uncomfortable

    If you feel that the session is completely different from what you expected, or if I am unable to properly establish the flow of information, there is always the possibility of stopping the session altogether. In this case, we will stop the session, and you will not be charged.

  • languages

    On request, I can also give the sessions in English or Spanish.

  • Audio recording

    If you wish, I can record the session on a CD for you. For technical reasons, you have to manage the recording of a Skype or telephone session by yourself. It is forbidden to take pictures of the meetings.

  • Appointments / cancellations

    Please send us an appointment request using the given form. We will provide you with options for an appointment via email or telephone. As soon as an appointment is made, we will send you an appointment confirmation via text message.
    Cancellations are only accepted if they are received at least 48 hours before the agreed upon appointment. The cancellation must always be in writing, via text message or email. The cancellation is only considered valid without charge upon confirmation from both sides.

  • Prices

    Individual beings:
    280,- CHF / 55 Min

    150,- CHF / 30 Min

    Intuitive business consulting
    380,- CHF / 55 Min

    ouside of Bern:
    on inquiry or have a look at agenda/country

  • Location Wabern / Bern

    Sue Dhaibi
    Gurtenbrauerei 27
    3084 Wabern, Schweiz

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