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Mediumship ability is not a mystery. It is not a talent one has or does not have, rather it follows definite principles that can be learned by anyone!

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Mit dem Jenseits kommunizieren –
Ein Kurs in Medialität
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I am a afterlife medium, a mediator between the seen and unseen worlds. In a very sympathetic, down-to-earth way she reveals that establishing contact with the deceased is a completely natural endeavour and is something anyone can accomplish. All you need is the proper procedure, a little practice, and a strong instinct about yourself and your limitations.
With this comprehensive practical program you will learn how to become aware of your connection to the spiritual world and to use it to benefit yourself and others – to contact loved ones again and to receive advice, comfort, support, and guidance for your own life.

Latest News

24.09.22 “Die Magie der Psychometrie”

Tauche in unser faszinierende energetische Welt ein und erfahre, dass jeder Gegenstand Informationen abgespeichert hat, welche du anzapfen und nutzen kannst!

25.09.22 „Mediums Essentials ONLINE”

Tauche mit uns in einen Tag voller toller Begegnungen und neuer Erkenntnisse!

11. – 13.11.22 „Mediale Tage im Hollerbühl“

Erlebe drei wundervolle Tage, in denen du deine Medialität ausweiten kannst und grossartige Botschaften aus den Höheren Ebenen empfängst oder channelst.